Agaukas bags are made of genuine leathers from LWG audited tannerys on which colourful intricate rich hand embroidery is done by the master artisans and all the accessories are made of brass and every bags has pure brass logo of Agaukas (Lion with wings). Pure cotton lining and eco friendly leather used for the base.
Feel the pride of owing an art piece wherever you go.

Agaukas Footwear gives the best comfort to your sore feet as the insoles are made of German memory foams. The soles are made of super lite material, which is 3 times lighter than other materials with the same resistance. The excellent values of lightness, durability comfort good physical & mechanical properties.

Woven Materials
Agaukas presents one of a kind hand-woven texiles combining up cycled leather bands from a LWG audited tannery with silk cotton and raw silk to create rich textures that be used for range of applications including upholstery, Garments and more.